We are excited to offer a new kind of competition - an online-only event!


Submit your routine into IDA's Virtual Competition now to compete alongside dancers from across the world and for a chance to win CASH prizes & sponsored awards!





Impact Dance Adjudicators seeks to inspire young dancers in this uncertain time through our Virtual Dance Competitions. Our goal is to provide exceptional, personalized critiques, which are designed to go into full detail to help dancers improve and learn through honest, kind, and fair feedback. IDA's judging panels consist of some of the best adjudicators in the business, who are excited to be working remotely to help dancers learn and grow. We believe that while trophies and pins are icing on the cake, the educational and motivational feedback from industry professionals and educators is the best award we can offer. 

Jennifer Devine

Dance Mom - K&M Studio - Norwood, MA

"Your judges were so impressive. Provided constructive feedback in the most supportive and encouraging way possible! My daughter was only able to perform her solo one time this season. You made her feel like she had a second chance to share her love of dance with those that have the same passion. Thank you for bringing her a smile during a difficult time!"

Dancers, teachers or parents can submit a dance video (in-studio or on stage) directly through our quick registration form 

Your entry will then be critiqued and scored by 3 IDA Judges online. You will receive detailed, elaborate feedback and even have the option to add an additional feedback critique.

Once all judges have completed your entry, your score will be entered into our overalls. You will also promptly receive your critiques and score sheet as soon as complete!

When all entries in the event are finalized, it is then time to find out the overall high scores and special award winners!

The overall rankings and awards will be posted online for all contestants to view. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall winners in each age category will win a CASH prize and have their dance featured on our website!


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Our IDA Judges are the best in the industry. All 150 Judges on the Impact Dance Adjudicators roster have been pre-screened and selected based on their credentials and training, their experience behind the table, and the quality of feedback they deliver!  


Our Judges range from Broadway performers, Radio City Rockettes, commercial dancers, studio owners, and experienced teaching artists. We even have judges who specialize in particular genres that you can request when entering our event! Our judging panels rotate for each event so you are guaranteed to never have the same judge twice!


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15 &














4-9 dancers


10-19 dancers


20+ dancers


2-3 dancers

  • All dancers will compete in the same level and be broken down by age divisions only.

  • We accept all styles of dance - you may select your appropriate genre category during registration.

  • You will receive 3 video critiques from pre-screened IDA Judges. 

  • Additional feedback critique will include start and stop corrections throughout video (7-10 minutes duration).

  • We will do our best to provide a judge who specializes in your submitted genre for your additional feedback.

  • Teachers, Studio Owners and Choreographers have the option to request a teacher only judge's critique.

  • Videos must be uploaded through online link - via Youtube, Dropbox or Google Drive. 

  • You may submit an in-studio video from rehearsal, or an onstage video from competition.

  • Videos MAY be filmed in your home or outside as long as environment/surface is safe for dancer. 

  • Submitted videos that are performed in unsafe environments or on unsafe surfaces will not be allowed. 

  • Costume & presentation will not be judged or considered in scoring due to in-studio entries.

  • Each judge will score routine out of 100. Final score will be out of 300.

  • Judges may elect to give away special awards to certain entries.

  • If Judges select same routine for multiple special awards, you will be awarded with ALL specials from each individual judge.

  • Special award certificates will be delivered via PDF print through email along with social media graphic.

  • Dances must be placed in the appropriate style genre to be judged accurately and fairly. 

  • No more than 3 acro tricks per routine. Unlimited acro tricks in Open or Acro division only.

  • Dancers will receive critiques and score sheets via email as soon as completed by judges. (5 business days).

  • We do not do a live stream of all entries in each event. Only the routines who make it into The Top 20 Challenge or The Studio Showdown will be live-streamed. 

  • Cash prizes will only be awarded to dancers who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in each overall age division. 

  • Each age division must have 15+ routines for overall high score prizes. If less than 15 entries in an age category, only the 1st place overall winner will receive a cash prize.

  • Cash prize award totals will be determined once competition registration is closed. 

  • Overall prize winners may choose to receive their award in cash or IDA will donate their total to the charity of their choice.

  • Cash prize winners will receive award payment through PayPal post event.

  • High score overalls will be listed online on our website once event is officially closed.

  • The high score winners' video and/or photo will be listed on our social media and website.

  • The overall highest scoring dance genre must have a minimum of 10 entries in the entire event to be awarded.

  • All total number of awards announced for overalls is determined and decided by the IDA team based on the total number of entries in the event.

  • If a dance parent/dancer is submitting any type of entry into our event, you MUST have received previous consent from your studio director/teacher/choreographer to participate (we may request proof). 


  • Entry Fee - $30/solo

  • Solos must be entered in age division based on the current age of dancer at time of submission.

  • You may enter multiple solos - only the highest scoring solo per dancer will be eligible for high score overalls.

  • Solo entries must not exceed 3 minutes in duration.

  • Additional feedback critique is included in entry.

  • Option to add on genre-specific judging panel is an additional $10.

  • Solo Virtual Event will only run with a minimum of 100 entries. If minimum number of required entries is not met by current deadline, IDA will extend registration 1-2 additional weeks.


  • Entry Fee - $40/duo or trio (not per dancer)

  • Age range for duo/trio must be entered into average age of dancers based on the date of submission. 

  • Duo/trio must not exceed 3 minutes in duration.

  • If routine exceeds 3+ minutes, an additional charge of $10 will be added to total.

  • Groups must be previously recorded in-studio or on-stage. (competition videos accepted). 

  • Additional Feedback critique is included in entry submission. 

  • Option to add on genre-specific judging panel is an additional $10.

  • Dance parents may enter into Duo/Trio event ONLY with parental consent from each participating dancer as well as approval from Studio Owner/Teacher/Choreographer (we may ask for proof of permission). 

  • You do not need to enter a Solo to participate in the Duo/Trio Event.

  • Duo/Trio's will not re-compete in The Top 20 Challenge Live Stream. 

  • Duo/Trio's will be eligible for special awards and some sponsored awards.

  • Only 1st place in each age division will be awarded the cash prize. 

  • The top 3 duo/trio's in each age division will be featured on our live-stream Top 20 Challenge. 






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Read through our frequently asked questions! Still have a question? Shoot us an email below!

Video Submission & Recording

Are you being judged on where the video was filmed? (on-stage vs. at home)

No - you will not be judged or scored based on the quality or location of video. All styles and types of videos are accepted. ie: previous competition videos, in-studio rehearsals, at home videos, etc. You will not be judged on costume or presentation and are not required to wear a costume in your video.

What is the best video recording recommendations?

- A front view shot of the dancer is most preferred. - You may also record from the back of the room and into the mirror. - If filming at home, please record in landscape mode (not vertical).

How do we upload our video?

Youtube is the preferred and recommeded option for uploading your video file online. Please make sure you have uploaded it either public or unlisted or we will not be able to view. Other options include: Dropbox link, Google Drive link, or emailing us the file. If you are emailing us the video, please be sure to change the file name to "The Dancer's Name/Title" before sending!

Judging & Critiques

How quickly will I receve my scores and critiques?

All critiques will be delivered between 3-5 business days upon submission.

What are the judge's guidelines for scoring?

You will receive a single number score out of 100 from each judge on your panel, which is combined to determine your overall score and adjudication. Our judges are scoring based on the following guidelines: technique, performance, execution, choreography, musicality, style, and overall expectation for age and genre. Costume and presentation will not be included in the overall scoring in our event.

What is an Additional Feedback or Teacher Only critique?

Additional Feedback critique - your judge will start and stop your video to provide even more elaborate feedback to help take your routine to the next level! This is included in all solo entries and an add-on feature for our group event. Teacher Only critique - if you are a teacher or studio owner, you may select for one of your critiques to be for your ears only! This critique will be a separate video file and not included with the other 2 standard judges critiques. This bonus feature is complimentary and optional for all events.

Can I request a judge who specalizes in my submitted dance genre?

YES! Our new add-on feature provides you with a full panel of adjudicators who are experts in your submitted style of dance. This allows for even more accurate and personalized feedback from industry professionals. This is an optional feature you may add on to your entry with an additional fee.

Rules & Event Details

Why doesn't your competition offer Levels?

Although we understand that dancers may be at different levels of training, we have decided to not offer levels in our virtual event. We feel all dancers should compete alongside each other within their age divisions, to create a true competition experience within one large event.

Will you be mailing physical awards?

We do not offer physical awards at this time. We do offer printable PDF awards for specials and overall high scores, which your dancers can frame and save as a keepsake. We also email personalized special award graphics to use on social media.

If I've already competed in a previous event, can I send in the same routine to your next event?

YES! Each event we host is a completely new experience with a brand new set of judging panels. You are guarenteed to not receive the same judge from your previous event, which means you will receive new valuable critiques from a fresh set of eyes!

What types of awards are you giving away?

- Judge's Special Awards - each judge can award as many specials as they like. Dancer's have the chance to even receive multiple special awards from each judge for the same routine! You'll receive a PDF print out and a personalized social media special. - Sponsored Overall Awards from our sponsors - These awards are selected unanimously by all 3 judges! -Highest Scoring Routine in each genre - Awarded to dances with more than 10+ entries in specific genre across all age divisions. - Overall High Score cash prizes - Cash prizes are offered to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age division! The high score overall winners are determined in our Top 20 Challenge or The Studio Showdown live-stream events!

Do you offer a live-stream?

Yes - we offer a live-stream of The Top 20 Challenge & The Studio Showdown. We do not live-stream all entries from the entire event.

What is The Top 20 Challenge or The Studio Showdown

- The Top 20 Challenge is a live-stream event offered in our Solo Competition, where the top 20 contestants in each age division re-compete for a new set of judges, to determine their overall rankings and who wins the cash prize awards! Only the highest scoring solo entered by each contestant will be entered into the top 20 challenge. - The Studio Showdown is a live-stream event offered in our Group Competition, where the highest scoring entry from each studio, in each submitted age division, re-competes for a new set of judges to determine the top 10 overalls and winners of cash prizes.

Do you host an awards ceremony online?

No - we do not host a live-stream award ceremony. Dancers will have already received their adjudication & score within 3-4 days after submission along with judges critiques. Overall high scores and specials will be announced on our website at the designated time/date once competition event has closed.

How do you determine which age level to enter a routine?

For solos - dancers must enter into the age division based on their current age at time of submission (not from when dance/video was recorded). For groups - the current age of all dancers must be averaged to determine the age division.

Can parents enter routines into the event without the studio?

Parents may enter their dancer into our solo virtual event without going through the studio, but it is mandatory to consult & inform your studio/choreographer prior to submission. Parents may not enter into the group competition. The only exception is for Duo/Trio routines, and parents must show proof of approval from studio owner/teacher to enter.

Do you accept independent entries?

Yes - you may be Independent and register your solo.

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