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We all know how hard every dancer and teacher works to prepare for competition! From countless hours of rehearsals, to the creation of choreography, to sewing and altering costumes and to cleaning a dance like crazy, a lot of time and effort is put into each dance that steps foot onto the competition stage. As judges, our job is to supply you with solid, constructive critiques to help take your performance to the next level. But those moments on stage go by in a blink of an eye, and sometimes as a judge, it's difficult to get out every single detail we'd like during a quick three minute critique! That's where IDA's Online Judge's Critiques are here to help! 

We not only provide you with a standard video critique with audio commentary, but we also offer a unique bonus feature where you can receive an additional 10-15 minutes of post-critique additional feedback! You have the option to provide specific requests you'd like your judge to look out for in your performance, which makes each and every IDA Online Critique personalized to you.  Our critiques let you get those questions answered from a pro and receive the quality feedback you have been waiting for!

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Complete the form below and submit your pre-recorded video!

You can request a genre-specific judge as well as make personalized requests for your critique!

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Your IDA Judge will receive your video and begin critiquing!

Your critique will be complete within 4 business days or you may request 24 hour rush delivery!

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Once complete, your new IDA Online Critique will be delivered to your inbox!

For additional feedback critiques, you will even be able to see your judge during the video critique!

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Head back to the rehearsal studio to apply and perfect your new feedback!

Our IDA Judge's are known for providing elaborate, detailed feedback we know you will love!



This option may be helpful if choreographers are looking for another eye to view a routine and/or provide suggestions on how to execute sections differently. This is also beneficial when a dancer would like personalized feedback on their solo performance. It's a great tool to provide soloists with detailed corrections and easy fixes that will help them feel confident and ready to hit the stage! 



Yes, it's mid-season and you are receiving your judge's critiques from regionals, but what if those critiques aren't what you expected? How are you supposed to improve before the next competition if the judges aren't providing you with the necessary tools? Our mid-season critiques are guaranteed to be detailed, elaborate, and thorough - you won't be disappointed!

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"IDA's critique service is absolutely phenomenal! Their attention to detail, kindness in explaining the corrections, and suggestions to improve the routine made a world of difference with my soloist. We saw a huge improvement in her performance and she now feels more confident than ever to take the stage this weekend! I HIGHLY recommend this service to any teacher looking to reach their students and help them improve on a whole new level! Thank you IDA!!"

- Kimberly Corbett

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judge request

Looking to receive the best feedback possible? Our newest feature allows you to request a judge that specializes in your submitted dance genre! We have specialty judges with knowledge in a variety of styles including: Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Acro, Musical Theatre, Modern and even Voice! 




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An audio/video judge's critique similar to what you would receive at Competition. You will be able to view your dance with audio commentary provided in-sync with the performance.

starting at $35




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 You will receive the standard + 10-15 minutes of post critique additional feedback. Your judge will go back through, from beginning to end and elaborate even more on specific corrections & personalized requests. Your critique will be provided in a split screen view, where you get to watch your judge critique your routine! 

starting at $45



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Interested in having us critique all of your studio routines before you hit the stage?


Studio Directors/Teachers can submit 5+ routines to receive a bulk discount!

quote upon request

What styles of dance can I submit?

We accept Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Contemporary, Modern, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Musical Theatre, Acro, and even Voice! If you would like to submit a genre not listed, please contact us to be sure we can provide you with a judge with knowledge in that particular genre.

What type of video is recommended?

You may submit any style video for an online critique from in-studio rehearsals, previous competition videos, and even videos recorded at your home. It is preferred to film videos from the front view in landscape mode.

Where can I upload the video for my dance?

We recommend uploading all videos to an online sharing platform prior to completing our checkout form. There will be a place to insert a link to your video within the form. Upload options: - Youtube (please be sure video is marked as unlisted, not private) - Vimeo - Dropbox - Google Drive (please be sure to give access) If you are unable to upload online, you may send video through provided email.

Am I able to request a specific judge from the IDA Roster for my critique?

At this time, we do not offer the option to request a particular judge to complete your critique. The judge selected for your critique is determined based on the genre of the dance submitted, as well as their availability to complete the critique within the turn around time.

What is the turn around time to receive back my completed critique?

You will receive your new IDA Online Critique in your inbox within 4 business days of submission. You may also request for 24 hour rush delivery (additional fee).

Why do customers love the additional feedback critique over the standard?

With our additional feedback critique option, your IDA Judge will be able to provide a more detailed and elaborate critique, which is much more thorough than your standard critique. Your judge will go back through your dance from beginning to end and pause throughout to explain corrections in full detail. You will also be able to see your judge with a front camera video, and watch them provide the feedback, which makes it a more personable experience!

Do I need studio permission to submit for an IDA Online Critique?

For Solos - No, you do not need studio permission; however, it is highly encouraged to inform and share your critique with your dancer's teacher/choreographer. For Groups - Yes, only studio owners, teachers or choreographers are able to submit and request for a group routine. Dance parents and dancers are unable to submit group entries for consideration even with consent from studio director.

Do you provide critiques for group dances as well?

Yes! We are able to provide IDA Online Critiques for all size group dances from Solos - Productions!

Do you provide a score and/or adjudication with the critique?

No - we do not offer a score or adjudication alongside the critique. We only provide critique feedback. If you are interested in receiving a score/adjudication, please check out our Virtual Competition experience.

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