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Making the Impact Was Nominated as a Top Dance Podcast By Welp Magazine!

If you're a fan of Making the Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast, you already know that Courtney and Lesley provide invaluable information about the dance competition world, from tips and tricks for technique and music selection, to insider info about judging and scoring. But now, thanks to a nomination from Welp Magazine as one of the top dance podcasts of 2021, Making the Impact is on its way to reaching even more new fans and friends! 🎉

In an article shared in June, Welp Magazine compiled the 20 best dance podcasts of 2021, and we are so jazzed to be included! Making the Impact sits alongside some of the best in the biz, including Rhee Gold's Dance Life and The Dance Edit, as well as a few more niche shows focusing on dance music and dance science. Congratulations to all the podcasts who made the cut - we are proud to be sharing space with you!

Check out the full article here! or click the main image above!

By the end of Season 2, we hit over 75K downloads and had a total of 75 guests join us this season! Season 3 is right around the corner and will launch on Thursday, September 3rd. Until then, have a dance-filled summer and keep on #MakingTheImpact!

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